How to style and wear your oversized jersey

This winter snuggle up in a chunky knit or over-sized sweater. Styling this jersey is easy simply pull on a pair of tight jeans or good quality leggings and you are good to go. If you are unsure on how to wear yours then take a look at some of the images below (all sourced from Pinterest). Keep things simple and let your jersey do the talking…

oversized jersey neutral tones

Neutral tones help keep your look simple and sophisticated.


grey chunky jerseys

Grey is simple and easy to style with jeans or black leggings.

jewel tones chunky knits

Feeling bright spice up your look in a bold jewel colour.

If you are ready to try out this warm snuggly look then get to your local store now. You will find this style of jersey in most stores or you can even opt to buy a size or two bigger than your usual size. Take a look at some of my top picks below.

where to buy oversized jerseys