My Year of 2015

Well just like that 2014 is over and we have already rushed into 2015 (can you believe it’s February) where is time going? During the month of January my mind was full of ideas and aspirations so I thought one of the best ways to ensure I try and stick to my ideas is to actually tell people about it, this way I have to do it. I went away for a mini break the first weekend of January and it gave me time to reflect and think about what I want from this year. I have set myself some professional and personal goals that I won’t bore you with and I also came up with a fun challenge for myself.

This year is going to be my Year of Fifteen!

I have chosen a few categories and will set about achieving 15 things for each category, 15 because simply put it is 2015 after all.



For some of you reading this, the thought of reading 15 new books might be simple, hell for me a few years ago I could have done this in a heartbeat. The sad reality is I have actually stopped reading, I am ashamed to say I have not actually read a complete book in the last three years. I am not sure what the problem is, I can’t find a book I enjoy, I don’t have time, books are expensive I know all of the excuses. But this year will be the year I start reading again, so any suggestions on a great book let me know (I need to read 15)



For me this one will be super simple, in fact I think I may actually surpass the target of 15 new restaurants quite easily. I love eating, more importantly I love eating good food, and I love eating this good food with good friends. I am part of a dinner club that gets together each month and we try out new places to eat. I also come from a family that loves food just about as much as me so most of the time we are on the lookout for new places. Actually I need to confess I lied about reading earlier I do actually read cook books J



NO not exercise, don’t get it wrong. I will be on a mission this year to compete in 15 different sporting events. I already cycle so I can enter a few cycle races to get me started, I also do the 5km Park Run on a Saturday so I will be on the lookout for some easy running races if you know of any (road/trail I am not bothered) I have also set myself a target to complete a mini Triathlon so hopefully that will be another tick. If you hear of any fun sporting events going on please let me know I would love to try them out.



I live in Johannesburg and I love my city, I burst with pride when I see amazing photos of Jozi or read about hidden gems to explore. My resolution last year was to be a tourist in my city and it was pretty great, I went to places I have never been before, hell I even did the Jozi red bus tour. This year I will continue with this and explore 15 New Places, I have already started to compile my list and am itching to get started.



This one may be tricky but I think I can get it done, try 15 new things. I have always been one to adopt the motto “when in Rome” so I am not afraid of new things. Just coming up with ideas is the difficult part, I have already done so many things so let’s hope that I can pull 15 new things to try out of the bag.



I don’t really do much for me, I sometimes treat myself to the odd gel nail treatment but that’s about it apart from getting my hair done every 3 months (hey it’s hard to stay this blonde). So I will take time out to treat myself to 15 different things. This can be just about anything as long as it is done for me!


I will be posting about all my challenges and experiences here on the blog so stay tuned for updates. I will also be using the hashtag #MyYearOf15 if you want to keep track on social Media. Infact why don’t you join in, compile a list of what your Year of Fifteen would be and start doing it.

TaTa for now



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