Well talk about a 360! We have gone from pretty pastels and blinding neons to black and white. The current IT word is Monochrome and everyone is shouting it from the hill tops. But before you grab your white t shirt and throw on your trusted black jeans there are a few rules and things to take into consideration.

Make sure your white is gleaming white, I mean blinding white no old creamy grey looking items allowed (start stocking up now if you need to). The same goes for your black if it’s looking a little over worn and grey around the edges then it’s not going to work.  Now isn’t that the perfect excuse to go out and stock up on a trend that has actually been around for ages and will probably always be in fashion.

The Monochrome look is not just about pairing a white top with black bottoms or vice versa. The key to a successful monochrome look is tailored, chic and styled not just something you found and threw on (Take inspiration from the Queen of Monochrome Coco Chanel ).  For a tres chic look stick to clean crisp lines and tailored shapes, for the brave and bold opt for all white look with black accents and the fun and fearless should look at patterns (stripes, geometric print, chevrons, polka dots, hounds tooth you name it). Also try switching things up a bit, we all have the black blazer but this season swap it for a white tailored tuxedo jacket, this look will not only ooze sexy sophistication but will make sure you stay on top of the fashion charts. For those of you that think white will make you look larger (after all it has been said that white does not flatter) go for dresses that have black side panels this will tuck you in adding an instant slim down effect.

Another great way to find some monochrome inspiration is to have a look at the online shops Zara, Topshop and H and M all have fantastic inspiration pics to oogle over.

Zara keeps it tailored and chic with prints and crisp lines.


Monochrome | Black and White | Trend | ZaraMonochrome | Black and White | Trend | Zara

Monochrome | Black and White | Trend | Zara

Never one to conform Topshop takes Monochrome and pairs it with bold primary colours.

Monochrome | Black and White | Trend | Topshop

HM have fun with Monochrome and even include some texture in their styling.

Monochrome | Black and White | Trend | HM

Monochrome | Black and White | Trend | HM

As with all trends dress to suit your body type make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing at that it exudes a little bit of your personality. Never wear something you are not 100% happy in the minute you feel uncomfortable you look it. My motto is confidence is key and if you love what you are wearing chances are other will not doubt your decision.


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