H&M Home Decor

If you follow me on Pinterest then you may have noticed that I have recently started pinning a whole lot of interior images. There is a reason for this. I recently purchased my own little apartment which I hope to move into at the end of the year. As you can imagine my mind has been running overboard with ideas and of course Pinterest is the first port of call for inspiration. I have decided on a neutral calm colour scheme and I have fallen in love head over heels with the rose gold/copper accents creeping into the shops these days.

So what triggered this post you ask? What does this have to do with H&M? Well my parents are off overseas next month and as usual I took a look online incase I wanted to order some bits and bobs for them to bring back. I did this today. I logged onto H&M and made the mistake of looking at their home ware range as any newbie decorator would. I wish I had never done this. I repeat if you are looking to update your home look away now, close this post and carry on living your life without the pain of us not having H&M home. It was as if my Pinterest Board had come to life, the colour scheme was there, oh the copper/rose gold accents soo many on offer. I WANT IT ALL I thought!!!

Then I calmed down, with the exchange rate the way it is you can dream on sister. I mean R20 to £1 – it is a joke. So the calculator popped out and low and behold this amazing stuff is affordable. Say What? I mean I go into our local stores and cough at the price tag of things that catch my eye, I found a rose gold utensil set from @home each utensil costs over R150 – yes that’s correct R150 for an egg lifter. If you dare scroll on I warn you there are some images here that will make you cry with joy and mom if you read this please organize a crate so I can order everything.

All I can say is that I hope H&M open up a décor section soon after hitting our South African Shores.

H&M Home - bedroom H&M Home - bedroom H&M Home - livingH&M Home - livingH&M Home - livingH&M Home - livingH&M Home - storageH&M Home - storageH&M Home - storageH&M Home - goldH&M Home - goldH&M Home - goldH&M Home - goldH&M Home - gold

All images from H&M website

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