For me Friday is often a difficult day for dressing, yes of course I always try and look my best but lately I have adopted the concept of lazy casual Friday. This has thrown a stiletto at the fan as it kind of limits what my after work activities will be. I love impromptu meet ups with friends after work, whether it be going for cocktails or grabbing a bite to eat, but living so far from the office usually means I have to go straight to the party, and that means what I wore to work that day :(. I have often read about keeping some essentials in your car so that you are ready at the drop of a hat and can head out feeling fabulous, but at times I worry what if my favourite black shoes get stolen (yes only a girl could worry about her high heels being stolen and not care too much about the car) but I have decided I am going to give it a go. So stay tuned as each week I will be adding to the fashion box that lives in the boot of my car, this week I am lusting after metallic clutches (specifically gold) I think this could be the perfect way to add some sparkle to any outfit and glam it up a bit. So ladies find grab a box, jazz it up and get your work to party emergency outfit sorted.

Gold Clutch Bag

Metalic Clutch Bag

Metalic Clutch Bag

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Happy Friday lovlies have a great weekend no matter what you end up doing. Me I am heading home for red wine and pizza….(only because I took casual Friday to the max today flats, jeans and a plain Tee).

Love Aimee