Sorry for my absence or lack of blogging over the past months. I have been wanting to start a blog for many years now and was so excited to get going that when I eventually bit the bullet and started I quickly realized how much work was involved. It is not that I mind hard work, I will always put in the effort if it is something I enjoy, the real problem is HOW.

How do I make my blog something I enjoy?

How do I make the time to blog?

You see I am a copywriter by profession, that means I spend all day nearly every day writing. Writing about this, that and a whole bunch of other stuff…so how can I go home and then carry on writing even if it is about things that I love and what I have a passion for. I stare at a computer all day, writing, editing and updating websites…when I get home from work I am seldom in the mood to carry on doing this. I quickly began to feel that my blog was slowly becoming a chore…this was not what I had set out to do, so I neglected it and of course you!

I have been toying with ideas on how to get back on the horse…I will be turning my blog into an outlet for me, which is essentially what most bloggers tend to do. I will blog on all things that interest me so SA Style Fyle will not be a sole Style / Fashion blog it will be a stylish blog rather. When I started blogging I was mislead that if you want followers or readers for your blog then you need to keep it simple, choose a niche, select one topic and right about that, readers want consistency. Yet again I find myself asking HOW, how can I limit myself to blogging only about fashion when I love good food, traveling and generally most of the things life is all about? Ok so I may not be an expert on everything but I am a lover of many things, and these are the things I will start to share. So I hope you enjoy what is yet to come, I am excited for this new chapter and I hope you will continue to follow and grow along with me.

Oh I have also developed a major crush on photography which will help when I am fed up with writing, I am testing out my skills on street style snapping and a few other things so watch this space you may just see your face.

Aimee x

There is a change coming

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