Happy 2016 everyone!

It’s that time of the year, I am afraid the whole “New Year new me” thing is going on. Everyone is on a health kick as their new year’s resolution kicks in to be fit, healthy and of course drop the kilos and bulge. How many of us have started this and not followed through, we sign up at the gym and “klap it” for a month or two and then we fall back into old habits. And before you get me wrong this is not a motivational you can do it blog post. This is a let’s look good while doing it blog post.

I gym – I gym a lot (I will be honest I am not a January gymer I am an all year round rain or shine gymer). I also love gym clothes I have in fact been banned from the gym section of most stores by my family who think I already have too much stuff (but I don’t). At the end of the week about 80% of my washing is gym stuff (hey at least I keep it clean). But enough about me and my obsessive compulsive gym clothes problem. Let’s talk about your “gym” clothes.

I don’t believe in wearing ugly clothes to the gym – but I also do not believe the gym is a catwalk to sashay your bootie on and model your designer gear. Gym clothes need to be comfortable, functional and practical – having said that I don’t mean an old T-shirt and some running shorts. I feel if you look good you will feel good, and maybe if you feel good you may just keep on gyming past February.

I have selected some of my favourite gym styles and brands to share with you. The trends at the moment are colour so ditch the black t-shirt and get some rainbows and sh!t going on. Pretty, funky sports bras are in (but please make sure you match your bra to your activity a yoga bra is not made for running) open back tops to show of your bra are also a must. Patterned pants are great but they also bring along attention make sure you opt for a colour, style and print that flatters you. I love high waisted pants with a thick tight waistband, this helps keep my belly under control.

Take a look at some of my top picks below – and good luck with the January health kick make it last!!

Look good and don’t break the budget with Mr Price and CottonOn Body

Mr Price Sports Clothing

Mr Price Sports has affordable on trend gym clothes – images sourced from their Facebook page

CottonOn Body is my absolute addiction – keep a look out for their sales as you will always be able to pick up some great gear at the best prices.

Cotton On Body

CottonOn Body offers a variety of Yoga and Gym gear Images Sourced from CottonOn Body Instagram

Cotton On Body

Bottom left is that peek a boo back I mentioned to show off your strappy sports bra – Images Sourced from CottonOn Body Instagram

Spend a little more with Nike but the quality is worth it – I only wear Nike pants as they don’t go peek-a-boo with your underwear when you do a squat.

Nike Sports clothing

Keep it bright with Nike – Images soured from Nike Woman Facebook page

Break the bank with Lorna Jane and Maaji, even in the sale these items are pricey but if you are a dedicated gymer than you will get your monies worth

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is a specialized womans sports brand from Australia – Images sourced from Lorna Jan Facebook page

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is a specialized womans sports brand from Australia – Images sourced from Lorna Jan Facebook page

Maaji is a swimwear brand that has launched an active wear range, they have stuck with their easy to identify patterns and relaxed laid back look.

Maaji Sports Clothing

Maaji offers yoga and active wear – Images sourced from Maaji Facebook Page


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